Welcome to the Tafsik, where our unwavering commitment revolves around TWO pivotal pillars aimed at fighting antisemitism and cultivating a global environment that ensures the safety and well-being of Jews everywhere.

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John Spencer is an award-winning scholar, professor, author, combat veteran, national security and military analyst, and internationally recognized expert and advisor on urban warfare, military strategy, tactics, and other related topics. Considered one of the world’s leading expert on urban warfare, he served as an advisor to the top four-star general and other senior leaders in the U.S. Army as part of strategic research groups from the Pentagon to the United States Military Academy.

Our Mission

Tafsik is a grassroots humanitarian organization dedicated to combatting the alarming rise of antisemitism across the globe. We are firmly committed to eradicating bigotry, incitement of violence, and hatred targeting the Jewish people. Our primary goal is to foster a world where every Jewish person can live free from fear and discrimination.


Support the Cause for Peace and Justice: The recent atrocities committed by the terrorist organization Hamas have sent shockwaves across the globe, with the abduction of over 200 hostages, including a Canadian citizen, and the tragic loss of 1400 innocent lives. It’s a dire reminder that we must stand united against acts of terror. Tafsik has put together a petition urging the Government of Canada to take decisive action, ensuring the immediate release of all hostages and sending a clear message against financial support that may inadvertently fund terrorism. Every signature counts. Lend your voice, stand in solidarity, and sign the petition to uphold the values of peace, justice, and humanity. Together, we can make a difference.

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Tafsik was founded in response to the horrifying genocide of 1200 Jewish civilians, including women, children, toddlers, babies, and the elderly, the kidnapping of 250 hostages and the horrifying support for terrorists from the global community. This devastating event served as a catalyst for the creation of our organization, which is built on the principles of equality, justice, and compassion. Tafsik is driven by the unwavering belief that every Jewish person deserves to live in a world free from discrimination, persecution, and hatred.

Please Make A Donation

Our initiatives need your help to get them off of the ground! Please donate to Tafsik to help us make drastic changes across Canada that will help protect our community, today,  tomorrow and into the future.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Tafsik is composed of individuals with a deep commitment to human rights, justice, equality and a passion for ending antisemitism. The organization operates under a transparent and accountable structure, with the primary objective of achieving a world free from hatred and discrimination.

Get Involved: Tafsik welcomes all individuals who share our vision to join our cause. Whether through volunteering, donating, or simply spreading awareness, we believe that every action counts in our collective effort to combat antisemitism and create a more inclusive world.

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