TECAH (The Emergency Coalition Against Hate) unites diverse ethnic and religious communities to collaboratively confront threats to democracy. Our collective mission involves advocating and legislating against both Islamic extremism and divisive woke/DEI ideologies. To further this cause, we are organizing a unique networking evening that brings together community leaders from various backgrounds, spanning Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Persian/Iranian, Azerbaijani, and Albanian communities. This gathering aims to collectively address shared challenges, focusing on countering Islamist and far-left extremism and HATE.  TECAH’s advocacy efforts are geared towards safeguarding democracy and securing Canada’s future.


Our advocated vetting system for immigrants prioritizes shared morals, ensuring alignment with Canadian values by rejecting hate, forced ideologies, and violence, safeguarding a future founded on these principles.

Islamic Revolutional Guard Corps

In response to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps oppressive actions and global terrorism financing, TECAH strongly urges Canada to sever ties with Iran, designate the IRGC as a terrorist entity, and expel its representatives from our nation.

 One Voice For All

TECAH aims to be a collective voice for allies across diverse communities, advocating strongly to safeguard our democracy. We’ll engage all communities, strategize against extremists, and work to preserve Western ideals and communities from violence and disorder.